Why start a blog?

Hello, members.

As the resident Marketing Specialist at Sioux Empire FCU, I’m often finding new channels to connect with our members. It’s no secret that our world and the way we communicate are moving in a digital direction. Thus our methods of reaching and teaching you about your membership must stay up to date. That brings me to this post–officially welcoming you to the new blog of Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union.

I can tell you’re already thinking, “Why should I care about random blurbs posted to my CU’s website?” To that I answer, this is going to be the place that gives you more. More information, more education, more discussion, etc. Your membership with our institution is so important to us as a whole, and especially me in Marketing that we wanted to dedicate an entire section of our website to get the word directly to you, with no hurdles. You can subscribe to this blog and get every post delivered to your email!

This blog will be a place of discussion, but also a place of learning. One of the most significant objectives of using this platform is providing you, as a member, the tools and instructions you need to use our financial products and services to build a healthy financial future. Our lives are moving at a new pace of instantaneously. We (yes, us millennials) are becoming a generation of we need answers and solutions now, and we need the right answer or solution now. As the organization, you trust with your finances we want to ensure you have highly accessible tools and the accurate know how to use them so that you avoid financial roadblocks with your on-the-go lifestyle, millennial or not. So, if you’re up for learning a few tech tricks, discovering new products/services, and staying educated on your finances, follow along. We’re glad you’re here!

Also, one of our greatest gifts of having nearly 10,000 members is we have a large audience! I love hearing your feedback and incorporating your views into the future of Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union. After all, that is one of the 7 Cooperative Principles, right? (More to come on those later!) If you have feedback, please do not hesitate to share in the comments below. Or, if you have something specific to share with me, my inbox is always open!

From the CU to you,

Marketing Specialist