Giving Tree Poster

Additional Questions

Q: Do I take the gift tag with me?
A: Yes. Members/staff should take the tag with them but return it when bringing the gifts to the branches.

Q: Should I wrap the gift?
A: No, please leave the items unwrapped.

Q: Does the item of the gift tag need to be new?
A: Yes, please make sure all items gifted to the giving trees are brand new.

Q: What do I do with the gift once I’ve purchased it?
A: Please return with item, with tag, to the branch with the corresponding gift tree.

Q: Can I bring my gifted items to any branch?
A: Yes, we will ensure it gets to the right tree, but, please make sure you the tag is included.

Q: Can I purchase items for the trees without stopping at the branch first?
A: Yes, email Sidney at and she will assign items from the master list and coordinate with the branches. The items must be dropped off, however.

Q: Can I make a monetary donation instead of purchasing a gift?
A: Yes, monetary donations will go towards the purchase of tree tag items! You can visit any branch or give us a call to make a Giving Tree donation.

Q: Can I take my item directly to the organization instead of bringing it back to the tree?
A: We ask that you return the items to our branches so that we can make sure every gift/wish list item is covered.

Q: Do I have to be a member to participate?
A: No, everyone is welcome to participate in the Giving Tree Project.

Q: Can I purchase items that are not listed on the tags?
A: We gathered wish lists from each of the organizations and in an effort to ensure their needs are met, we kindly ask you to choose from the tags on the tree. However, you are welcome to purchase multiples of items on tags.

Q: What if I take a tag and am no longer able to fulfill the gift?
A: Please email and we will make arrangements to assist or take over the gift.

Q: Can I take multiple tags?
A: We welcome members/staff to take as many tags as able, but please remember to appropriately fulfill the items on the tags by December 14, 2019.