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Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union’s Mobile App

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Credit Union membership on the go?

If you answered yes, all you have to do is download our mobile app, SEFCU Mobile!

It allows for easy access to your accounts, the ability to make transfers and pay bills, plus you can take advantage of our mobile deposit product, $napChek!

The SEFCU Mobile App is available, for free, in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Select the app that matches the icon above.
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The app features Single Sign On (SSO) technology, meaning once a member logs in once they will have access to every feature of the app pertaining to their specific account. To log in, click the lock, the second icon in the bottom blue bar.

Enter It’sMe247 online banking credentials, dual verification is needed, thus members must enter their password and answer their security questions. These are the same questions they have already established.

Logging in for the first time will prompt a user agreement to pop up, members must accept the agreement before moving on.

After successfully logging in, members can click the “My Accounts” icon, third icon in the bottom blue bar, to access their mobile banking features and Bill Pay.

The triple bar menu accessed through clicking the last icon in the bottom blue bar will bring members to Sioux Empire FCU Social Media links and four additional options:

  • Branch Information (Location, Hours, Contact Info)

  • Apply for a Loan (Direct link to loan application.)

  • Assist Questions – See next bullet.

  • Settings & Info (NCUA)

  • Assist Questions

These questions are common items a member might need in a hurry, they cover the following topics:

  • Lost Debit & Credit Cards

  • Shared Branching Locations

  • ATM Locations

  • Getting Started with $napChek (brief details)

  • Accessing Bill Pay on the mobile app

  • Redeeming Relationship Points

Solutions are provided by clicking on the corresponding questions.

How do I get started with $napChek Mobile Deposit?

  • Click the fourth icon on the bottom blue bar, “Move Money”, the icon resembles a paper airplane.
  • Clicking the Move Money button launches two more buttons, they should click the camera titled “Deposit Check”
  • All members will be greeted with the same screen whether they are registered or not, the orange button on this screen will changed depending on if the member has registered.
  • Those who have not registered, will have an orange button reading “Register”. Upon clicking the button, it will change to say “Pending Registration”.
  • The approval time traditionally takes up to 24 hours. If you are requesting registration outside of normal business hours or on weekends, your approval may be delayed.
    • Approved members will revisit this page using the same first steps listed in this section. Their orange button will now say “Deposit Your Check” along with a button for deposit history.
    • Rejected Members will revisit this page, using the same first steps as listed in this section. Their orange button will no say “Service Unavailable”. Clicking the “More Info” button below will provide a general description. For further information, please contact our Member Service Center at 605.367.7070 or
  • An additional user agreement will need to be accepted for use of $napChek.

How do I use $napChek Mobile Deposit?

  • Approved members may click “Deposit Your Check” to begin.
  • They will be brought to a tips screen that includes three guidelines:
    • Deposit before 10:00PM CST and your money will generally be available for withdrawal the next business day.
    • Write “Deposited” and today’s date on the front of the check. Hold onto the check for at least a week incase we need to review it. Highly Recommended
    • To avoid processing or rejection of check, please ensure that the quality of the image is clear and in focus.
  • After reviewing the tips screen, click continue.
  • The next screen is the most important. Any items entered in error on this screen will cause the check images to be automatically rejected.
    • Limits are listed on the screen.
    • Enter the check amount.
    • Take top quality photos of the front & back of the check.
    • Choose account to deposit the check into. Please note, all of your accounts will be listed as options, only those which accepted deposits will be approved. Selecting an account that does not allow deposits will generate an automatic deposit rejection message.
    • Hit Submit
  • A success message will appear for members when their check has been sent of for deposit.
    • A successful message does not necessarily mean a successful deposit. Please visit your history and check for any error icons if the deposit does not show up after 24 hours.
  • A rejected message could mean there was an account mismatch, amount mismatch, or the system is down. Custom rejected messages from the review team may also appear.
    • A member must either redo the deposit steps or bring the check into a branch for further review.


  • At any time, a member can be unenrolled from $napChek per Credit Union discretion, this is accepted by the member in their User Agreement acceptance.
  • Members must be a member for 90 days and be in good standing to be considered for $napChek approval.