Share Draft Accounts (Checking Accounts)

Easy to access and easy to manage, your money is always right at your fingertips. And if you like checking that’s absolutely FREE, you’re absolutely in luck!

Our suite of electronic services provides convenience, too!  From ItsMe247 Online Banking with Bill Pay to $napChek – our mobile deposit service and our Visa debit cards, managing your money is a simple click or swipe away.

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Basic Share Draft Checking Account

No frills, no fees, and it's totally free!

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Dividend Bearing Checking Account

As a member of Sioux Empire FCU, you can open a dividend-bearing checking free of charge. A dividend bearing checking account has an average daily balance of $1,000 accruing at a set rate. You have the same benefits of our basic checking with the dividend-bearing checking. Dividend-bearing checking benefits you in ways that your regular checking doesn’t. You can keep a large sum of money in your checking, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to transfer money over and still earn dividends on the money that is sitting there. Should your balance in the Dividend Bearing Checking Account ever fall below $1,000, a monthly service fee of $5.00 will be applied.

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Money Market Share Draft Checking Account

The Money Market Share Draft Checking Account is similar to the Dividend Bearing account above but is for those members who wish to be more liquid with their finances. This account requires a minimum balance of $10,0000. Should your balance in the Money Market Share Draft Checking Account ever fall below $10,000, a monthly service fee of $10.00 will be applied.

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Advantage EMV Chip Checkcard with ATM Access

Enjoy convenient, 24/7 worldwide access to your share draft accounts. Your Advantage EMV Checkcard with ATM access takes the place of a check and can be used wherever VISA debit cards are accepted—pulling funds directly from the share draft account to pay for purchases. The CheckCard can also be used to access share and share draft accounts at ATMs. You can even choose your own style from a variety of options!

Tips for keeping yourself and your finances safe when using an ATM can be found in this article

To read more details about Advantage Checkcards/Debit Cards, review this brochure.

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Debit Card Roundup

Automatically save the “spare change” from your debit card purchases in a designated account. Has saving ever been easier than this?

Promise Deposits – This “honor system” feature allows you to make remote deposits of checks via online banking tools–giving you fast access to your funds in exchange for a promise to mail the checks to the Credit Union for final processing. Usage restrictions may apply, so contact the Credit Union to learn more today! 

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