Volunteer Now!

Ever considered Volunteering?  Your Credit Union needs you!

Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union, your Credit Union, is a member owned Financial Cooperative with a philosophy of people helping people. Volunteering to hold a Board or Committee position is a great way to help family, friends, community and your Credit Union.

The Board of Directors for Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union is looking to fill open member/volunteer positions on both the Supervisory Committee and on the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the general direction and control of the Credit Union.   Some of the other responsibilities of the Board are setting policy, approving the budget, and appointing committees, which help the Credit Union meet the goals of its members.  Day to day operations of Sioux Empire FCU is the responsibility of the President who is hired by the Board. One of the greatest assets to our Credit Union is that our members owners are active participants in business decisions.

The Supervisory Committee serves as a kind of watchdog for the members of the Credit Union.  The Supervisory Committee assures that an annual audit of the Credit Union is conducted and findings are discussed with the Board of Directors. Other responsibilities may include inspecting records for accuracy, scrutinizing acts of board members and employees to assure compliance with regulations and policies.

If you are interested in a volunteer position, contact the Nominating Committee at (605)275-1746.

  • Mike Markstrom: Nominating Committee Chairman
  • Linda Hoeck
  • Jo Anne Bechtold